Ours. This love


A touch of hands.
Skin touching skin.
Your touch warm.
The need for touch.

Your smile.
The day is brighter.
You bring sunshine.
My world lights up.

You exit a room.
My heart feels lost.
Sunshine leaves with you.
My heart waits your return.

You enter the room.
My eyes seek yours.
Yours find mine.
My heart beats faster.

My body moves closer.
A desire to touch.
Never enough.
Wanting more.

Always wanting more.
To hold, to touch.
Missing you when you leave.
My heart calls to yours.

Years have gone by.
We are slower.
Our love steadfast.
Our hearts in union.

The spell was cast.
A bind unbreakable.
A forever story.
Ours. This love.

(Dedicated to all those lucky to have found true love, lasting love and have treasured your love as a priceless gift from God.)

By C.E. Pereira


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