Don’t lose heart


Sin is in the open.
Its laughter echos.
As confusion sets in.
Like a virus, spreading.

Sin walks freely.
Among the people unseen.
It moves too fast.
The naked eye is blind.

Sin struts proudly.
Drinking in its success.
None brave to confront.
Sin continues to taunt.

Sin tempts cunningly.
Secrets upon secrets.
Handshakes done in darkness.
Its malice felt.

Sin exploits greedily.
Corrupt in its highest.
Justice is torn down.
Sin feeds on control.

A good deed unnoticed.
This is but a lie.
A ruse by evil.
For goodness prevails.

Good shines bright.
Showing the truth always.
Sin cast its shadow.
Good stands strong.

Don’t lose heart.
Hope does not give up.
Sin has no hold.
For hope burns bright.

By C.E. Pereira


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