My Travel Timeline 3: 1994

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My Travel Timeline: 1980 – 1993
My Travel Timeline 2: 1991

(Photos taken before the age of digital cameras have been recopied. All photos before 1999 are recopied from the originals.)

In 1994 New Zealand was picked as the country to visit. Covering both North and South islands it was a two-week tour.

After paying for the tour package and flight fare I had just enough cash for the daily necessities during my stay in New Zealand.

I did not have the luxury of buying souvenirs to bring home with me.

So, I took extra film rolls and batteries with me to make lasting memories of this holiday.

The trip started off with a few mishaps. Our flight to New Zealand was from Singapore. We first had to take a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Guess what… the runway at the airport was closed for some minor repairs so our flight was delayed.

Then just like Murphy’s Law, the next disaster that followed was our local tour agent forgot our date of departure and she had our air tickets. Spotting  another tour agent from that company we briefed him.

The forgetful tour agent finally arrived minutes before the airport announced that the runway was repaired and all flights were ready to go.

Third time is a charm. Arriving at Changi International Airport we were paged then given VIP treatment. We were taken through immigration and customs in an airport cart right up to the boarding area.

With such treatment given to us, we realised we were the last two passengers and that the plane was waiting for us.

It was not our fault but it was still embarrassing. What more, the other 18 passengers (Singaporeans) around us were our tour companions to New Zealand. We did make an impression, I think.

Arriving in New Zealand the tour started immediately. I was throughly  blessed that first day. There was a lucky draw on the tour coach and my name was drawn. The prize was NZ$800. I was over the moon, I now had the means to buy souvenirs for my family and friends.

Here are My Travel Timeline photos of 1994. Enjoy.

By C.E. Pereira

1994: New Zealand (North & South Islands) 

On a farm in New Zealand. (1994 - New Zealand)
On a farm in New Zealand. (1994 – NZ)
Shotover Jet: The ride of a lifetime. A jet boat ride through the narrow canyons with the most exhilarating 360° spins. (1994 – NZ)
Auckland’s dormant volcano. (1994 – NZ)
Clay target shooting in Twizel. (1994 – NZ)
The giant Kauri Tree. (1994 – NZ)
Me driving the tour bus on the Ninety Mile beach. (1994 -NZ)
The view of the Franz Josef Glacier from the helicopter. (1994 – NZ)
View of shear cliffs from the helicopter heading towards the Franz Josef Glacier. (1994 – NZ)
Franz Josef Glacier snow landing. Ginie and me with the pilot. (1994 -NZ)
The Franz Josef Glacier has been receding. I am standing where once this area was covered by the glacier. (1994 – NZ)
Hot shooting Geyser in Rotorua. – (1994 – NZ)
Shantytown showcases the gold rush history of the West Coast of New Zealand. (1994 – NZ)
Me posing at the piano in Arrowtown, a historic gold mining town. (1994 – NZ)
The Lighthouse in Cape Reinga. (1994 – NZ)
It was autumn in Christchurch. (1994 – NZ)
A Maori war canoe on display in Rotorua. (1994 – NZ)
The Claphams Clock Museum. (1994 – NZ)
Milford Sound is a fiord and by far the the best known of all the fiords. (1994 – NZ)
Stirling Falls at Milford Sound. (1994 – NZ)
Skyline Queenstown Gondola – a cable car ride above Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu. (1994 – NZ)

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