Once upon a time


Once upon a time… is this a fable, a myth, a bedtime tale, or …. you tell me!!!

Once upon a time…

The handicapped were hidden.
In mental institutions; locked up.
It was courage that changed thoughts.
And empathy that broke the locks.

Once upon a time…

Homosexuals were beaten; killed.
They hid deep in the closet.
With courage they came out.
Today, they are still persecuted.

Once upon a time…

God gave us the Ten Commandments.
Human weakness broke each and all.
Has mankind changed through the centuries?.
Today, prisons are full of monsters.

Once upon a time…

My homeland was coloured blind.
The difference in skin colour didn’t exist.
A multi-religious nation with high respect.
Today, I feel a rip; a tear has begun.

Once upon a time…

Our homes had no fences or gates.
No bars on windows or doors.
When did we become frighten and paranoid?
Today, we are prisoners in a gated community.

Once upon a time…

I believed in happy endings.
Good always wins; bad always loses.
All I see now is evil spreading its vile.
Today, I search for empathy; I hope for courage.

Once upon a time…

We feared God; we obeyed God.
Our conscience was strong.
Do you see God sitting on the sidelines?
Today, our intelligence questions God.

Once upon a time…

I waited hopefully.
I won’t lose hope.
I continue to hope.
As long as there is hope…..

By C.E. Pereira


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