To Daddy, Happy Father’s Day


Decades have gone swiftly.
The adult me didn’t know you.
If I had one wish today.
I’d wish for time to talk with you.

I remember the scent of tobacco.
Or when you did not shave.
Your strength when you held me.
You listened when I talked.

You were proud of me.
Without a doubt I knew this.
I can succeed in anything I do.
You told me this often enough.

A father is strength.
I learned to be strong.
You stood tall and straight.
I learned to be truthful.

Good fathers, we are blessed.
Each day be thankful for them.
They protect and guide us.
I remember always being safe.

I’m sending this to you Dad.
May the angels deliver to you.
Your love still holds me.
My heart beats with love.

By C.E. Pereira


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