White water rafting

My cousin and I (we’re both behind the oars man) having fun white water rafting on the Nenana River in Denali, Alaska on 9 June 2016.

I am back after a really wonderful and fantastic holiday in Alaska.

As you can see, I am all smiles during the white water rafting. A very mild white water rafting, that is.

The fun part was nineteen hours of daylight. This land of the midnight sun is awesome. At around 11.30 at night I got to watch the sun set.

And still the sky did not turn pitch dark. It was the colour of dusk (five hours of night-time). And the sun rose at about five o’clock.

My itinerary covered the Denali National Park; the Talkeetna river scene then to train station to board the train to Denali; rafting  and the Tandra Denali tour; the Prince William Sound college Fjord cruise; and the Seaworld life centre.

My pictures are still in the camera. It will take me awhile to do the download and sort through them.

I arrived home early this morning the 15th of June. Happy to be home. However far I travel, I am always happy to be home again.

Need to sleep off this jet lag of 25 hours of flight time and four airport stops – from Anchorage to Portland to Seattle to Tokyo and finally to Kuala Lumpur.


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