They belittle religion.
Constantly poke at beliefs.
Does this empower them?
Or are they tormented?

Frequently finding fault.
Persistent in their quest.
To lash out constantly.
It is disturbing; unhealthy.

Why this compelling attitude?
This concern in meddling.
Such interest in tormenting.
Like a plague is this focus.

Does hate make one blinded?
Short-comings to be taunted.
Consumed with belittling.
What of one’s own beliefs?

Are we judge and jury?
This right to post insults.
A desire to torment.
Let another to stumble.

A stumbling block, don’t.
That leads another into sin.
A plague, being obsessed.
Actions that encourage sin.

To poke fun at a religion.
Why this obsession?
If you don’t believe,
why the need to be obsessed?

By C.E. Pereira


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