And I call Him Abba


He is the Creator.
The promise of forever.
He is Love.
And I call Him Abba – Father.

He called me by name.
I am His forever.
He is with me always.
Even though I tend to forget.

He is my whole universe.
He holds my heart and soul.
Yet freedom to choose is given.
To turn away or walk towards Him.

Each day, a new beginning.
Humanity in me tested always.
A tug-of-war with good and bad.
I decide which path I take.

Life’s path is ‘one day at a time’.
Like the song, my choice each day.
A conscience that fluctuates.
Weakness and strength my battle-field.

The hour of awakening at dawn.
Wisps of my dreamscape lingers.
My first thought is my first prayer.
Will I struggle, or let myself be led?

Many times I’ve asked for forgiveness.
Yet, I relive the same sins again and again.
My humanity in its brokeness and weakness
My Father ever forgiving, ever loving.

By C.E. Pereira


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