Thinking of death


There are many ways to die.
We don’t get to choose which way.
Neither the day or time we die.
The unknown a fear to many.

Have you imagine dying?
A peaceful death comes to mind.
Who’d say no to such an offer?
Only a fool would reject.

The terminally sick.
The slow death of the body.
To face death each day.
And know death would be welcomed.

To die at the hands of terrorists.
Horrifying; beyond imagination.
Torturous; wickedness feeding.
Excruciating; a peek into hell.

To die in a fire.
Or die while rescuing another.
To drown; shot or stab.
Victims in the wrong place.

Falls, poisonings; in homes.
To slip in the bathroom.
One of many accidental deaths.
Home injuries, often deadly.

Then there’s the silent killer.
The assassin that shows no mercy.
It sneaks up slowly and silently.
Death comes quick, swift.

Does fate play a role in death?
Can a fortune-teller predict death?
Would you tempt fate to see the future?
On days like this I hate my imagination.

A mind filled with morbid thoughts.
As death becomes the focus.
To fill the mind with happy thoughts.
First I have to remove visions of death.

By C.E. Pereira


3 thoughts on “Thinking of death

    1. cepcarol

      One of those days of overload crime stories at the office and then TV crime series at home. Hence the poem. Helps to clear my mind of darkness and fill it up with happy thoughts.

      Liked by 1 person

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