Mind control


Eyelids heavy, I struggle.
My surroundings a blur.
There’s hammering in my head.
I feel a pin prick then nothing.

Colours in a kaleidoscope.
Patterns changing, pretty.
Colours fading, spinning faster.
My eyes on the ceiling fan.

I’m alone in the room.
Not a hospital room, I’m sure.
There are bars on the window.
I see the night sky, no moonbeams.

I try to move but cannot.
My hands and legs restrained.
Tugging and pulling frantically.
The straps biting into my flesh.

Panic sets in, I taste bile.
Stay calm, I tell myself.
My mind racing, nothing.
I hear footsteps, fear takes over.

The door opens, a boy walks in.
Fear slowly fades, I smile.
As he approaches I watch his eyes.
Pretty patterns changing, fear returns.

A face void of emotions.
I am drawn to his eyes.
His voice in my head.
Probing my mind, controlling.

I know I have to fight back.
His eyes keeping me prisoner.
What is he doing to my mind?
I feel a pin prick then nothing.

I am in my room, how?
Through the window the sun shines.
Like a kaleidoscope, pretty patterns.
My mind clicks, I reach for my gun.

By C.E. Pereira


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