Too much sun, the earth cries


A river; a stream; a brook.
The source of life flowing.
A lake; a pond; a dam.
Precious to life enclosed.

A drizzle; a shower; rain.
Falling from the skies.
Into the soil, the earth drinks.
Without water, the ground cracks.

Typhoons; hurricanes; tornadoes.
Storms of destructions.
Flooding; raging waters.
Nature unpredictable, fury unleashed.

Water in abundance.
Life multiplies in joy.
Water in shortage.
Life threatened by death.

Grass dried and brittle.
Leaves die, branches bare.
Water drying up, the earth cries.
The painting of too much sun.

Air shimmers above the pavement.
Heat rising on a hot afternoon.
Dancing ice cubes in tall glasses.
Like a mirage in the desert.

A trick to the eyes.
The throat thirst for a drink.
Lemonade and ice cubes floating.
To take a long iced-cold drink.

The sun merciless, scorching.
Through clothes the heat felt.
No protection the umbrella.
The sun merciless, beating down.

Bring on the sun block.
Where are the sunglasses?
A heatwave continues daily.
Under the roof the heat burns.

With the setting sun comes dusk.
The heat of the day fades slowly.
The cold at bay, warm still felt.
Will the night sky bring coolness?

By C.E. Pereira


5 thoughts on “Too much sun, the earth cries

    1. cepcarol

      To receive this praise from a brilliant writer such as yourself is wonderful. It motivates me to strive to always give my best when I pen the words in my heart into poems. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

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