Always fascinated, intrigued


At Mass I observe the faithful.
Heads bowed, faces serious.
Some restless, others bored.
I’m distracted, yet aware.

Distraction aplenty at Mass.
I find it impossible to focus.
I close my eyes in prayer.
Trying to shut out the faces.

Are others as distracted as me?
Searching the faces, seeking.
Always fascinated, intrigued.
Watching a live drama unraveling.

A child noisy and rude.
I’m annoyed. Others too.
Parents too lenient.
I’m distracted from praying.

Someone gets up and leaves.
The side door opens and closes.
Throughout the Mass it continues.
I’d like to nail shut that door.

The priest is giving his sermon.
Someone is whispering in the back pew.
Another distraction, I sigh.
My eyes and ears distracted.

Watching an old lady waiting.
Unable to walk, sitting in her pew.
The Communion minister not aware.
And the warden not alert.

Kids in the front pew laugh.
One hugs her Mummy.
One hides behind her Mummy.
Such innocence. I smile.

The altar servers serious.
Their duties flawless.
Sometimes a stumble seen.
Then again a sleepy face noticed.

Each week the Mass has drama.
From funny to irritating.
I try not to be distracted.
Yet always fascinated, intrigued.

By C.E. Pereira


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