The day bright and warm.
Nothing could hide.
Darkness dispersed.
Nothing lurking.

The cold still clings.
Deep in the soul.
A void trapping fear.
A heartbeat stumbles.

Outside it’s still bright.
Eyes looking for shadows.
Only light it sees.
The mind sees darkness.

A heartbeat stops.
The soul feels the loss.
Tearing free, listening.
Hoping to hear a heartbeat.

Panic clutches the soul.
Something is amiss.
The heartbeat is silent.
The echos won’t cease.

The soul hears the echos.
It strains to hear a heartbeat.
Cries of the heart go unheard.
A war explodes in the mind.

Is that a heartbeat?.
Thoughts echo loudly.
The soul reaching out.
The void pulling it back.

By C.E. Pereira


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