Only emptiness is felt


A soul dying, slowly.
The heart bleeding.
A dark void, bottomless.
Where is the light?

Belittled in public.
Harsh words uttered.
Sadness mingled with anger.
Poison on a slow burn.

Like sunlight being dimmed.
Dark clouds hovering above.
An angry wind screeching.
Loves’ knock cannot be heard.

A well almost dried up.
No splash the pebble makes.
A bucket on a rope tossed in.
Out of reach, the bucket empty.

Tired; a whisper heard.
Happiness a dream once.
Like a dessert, lonely.
A heart and soul wilting.

Thoughts locked away.
The mind is screaming.
The key. Find the key.
Only emptiness is felt.

By C.E. Pereira


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