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A struggle of good against bad


Lent is a journey of forty days.
Repentance, fasting and preparation.
A time to search one’s conscience.
Do my sins accumulate each year?

How difficult is it to DO good?
Charitable deeds for the needy.
Will you give of your time to help?
To visit the aged and orphans.

How difficult is it to BE good?
To guard your tongue each day.
Not a wrong word to pass your lips.
Is this possible?

How difficult is it to be a Christian?
To walk in the footsteps of Christ.
Do you say, “I am only human.”
Letting your excuse make you fail.

Like an empty barrel, there are echos.
Has prayer life become shallow?
What’s this force surrounding you?
Is God being pushed away?

By C.E. Pereira