One by one leave


The party has started
Mingling among guests
A drink in hand
Talking and laughing
Giving one’s opinion
Listening quietly
Light conversation
Serious debates
A feeling of contentment
But something is amiss
One by one leave
Is there an art to mingling?

Excusing themselves
Until none remains
Left alone, uncomfortable
To wander the room aimlessly
Someone calls – come over
Relieved to be included
Joining in, having fun again
But not relaxed
A repeat is happening
Someone excuses himself
One by one leave
Is there a proper etiquette?

To watch each face intently
Is there a sign?
To begin to bore others
What is the problem?
To stay too long
Making others edgy
A voice that booms
Getting others annoyed
To laugh loudly
A cause of embarrassment
One by one leave
Not be labeled a party-pooper

By C.E. Pereira


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