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Love shines ever bright


The sun shines bright.
I hear my heart sing.
Love swept by the breeze.
The song from a bird.

Humming softly I look up.
Blue skies high above.
Dotted with fluffy clouds.
Music floating, carried high.

My love at the door.
The skip of my heart beat.
His heart skips a beat.
Waiting for love to open the door.

Falling in love, like springtime.
New love, flowers blossoms.
Everything is brighter, happy.
Hearts joined, beating in union.

True love settles down.
It grows stronger each day.
On days of darkness or sadness.
A light in the storm.

Lightning flashes, thunder booms.
As wet and gloomy a picture.
Coldness creeping, a chill felt.
But love shines, ever bright.

By C.E. Pereira