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Young love, lost love


A young girl falls in love.
First love, just blossoming.
Doodling with stars in her eyes.
I love you. You love me. Sigh.

A love as soft as petals.
Cheeks with a blush of pink.
A heart beat that increases.
The young guy in her sight.

Discovering first love grows.
Two hearts beating as one.
Young love is impulsive.
Impatient to soar high.

Dancing in his arms.
The waltz, held close.
Her eyes only on him.
His not so dreamy.

In the waltz, she turns.
His eyes not on her.
Her heart already knows.
She has lost her love.

Her heart silently cries.
She thinks her world torn apart.
Her lover has already left.
In her arms she holds his shell.

First love, a love lost.
A tender heart, a heart guarded.
Will she let love blossom again?
Healing has to start, only time will tell.

The teenage years of many first.
Hurts locked away, not forgotten.
The world a cold place, lessons learned.
The heart endures, cautious to love.

By C.E. Pereira