Talented, gifted, genius… I wish


Deep in my soul I know.
It is not talent I have.
Gifted is not even close.
I rate as ‘good’ only.

Hard work to be at ‘good’.
Even this I cannot take credit.
Those talented and gifted,
They too put in hard work.

Some days talent emerges.
And I preen like a peacock.
How smug is that.
Someone, anyone, smack me.

To be on par, I wish.
Talented, sometimes
Gifted, just a dream.
A genius, stop dreaming.

“A Jack of all trades,
Master of none” …that’s me.
I can do lots of things.
My best is with hard work.

When most days I struggle.
Hard work pulls me through.
‘Good’ is as far as I’ve gotten.
Talented, gifted, genius….I wish.

By C.E. Pereira


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