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Year of the Monkey

The Wishing Tree: Five hand-made monkeys “adopted” for charity. And there is a pledge a gift wish in donation.

How fortunate its people.
The wealth of different cultures.
Of a diversity of New Years.
To celebrate with your neighbour.

‘Open house’ during festivals.
A wide-spread of tasty food.
Each culture its own variety.
A taste of delicious cuisines.

Indians celebrate Puthandu.
Muslims have Awal Muharram.
The Chinese, Gong Xi Fa Chai.
Chinese New Year is round the corner.

Shopping Malls decorated.
Boxes of mandarin oranges.
Sweet meat grilled over charcoal.
And Red, the colour for prosperity.

Ang pows, money in red packets.
Family reunion dinners.
Lion and dragon dances.
And firecrackers to scare away evil.

To watch the lion dance performance.
Beating drums, clashing cymbals and gongs.
The ang pow tied to lettuce, hangs high.
With kung fu moves, the lion gets the red packet.

12 animals, 12 years of the Chinese zodiac.
This Chinese New Year, the Monkey year.
Ninth in the Chinese zodiac, mine the first.
How will the Red Monkey and the Metal Rat fare?

A monkey soft toy; a monkey greeting card.
The monkey to dominate this year.
Endless souvenir of monkeys.
The Red Monkey enters the new year.

By C.E. Pereira