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I take one last look at love


From afar I watched.
Filing to memory all details.
The wind ruffling your hair.
A smile forming on your lips.

I followed your line of sight.
He stood alone under the tree.
His face hidden in the shadows.
Was that a smile for you?

A drama unfolding quietly.
From the park bench I watched.
These two, their body language.
Of love shining in hungry eyes.

Are they secret lovers?
Of love forbidden, time stolen.
Precious moments no one can know.
Theirs, a love doomed from the start.

But no; your eyes are honest.
Your body not rigid with fear.
You melt into his arms.
Love radiates, I hear you laugh.

I envied you, love just blossoming.
The kiss ends, you draw apart.
He holds your hand, you do the same.
Eyes locked, you lean-in for another kiss.

Time I left the lovers alone.
I get up slowly, my bones creak.
Leaning on my walking stick,
I take one last look at love.

By C.E. Pereira