The Wedding Cake

The dignified wedding topper placed on top while the merry one sits at the base of the wedding cake.

The invitation received a year ago.
Sharyl and Adam had set the date.
What gift would you like?
The Wedding Cake, Sharyl replied.

The Wedding theme of red and white.
Red flowers for the cake.
The choice of design left to the expert.
A three-tier white cake settled on.

The cake topper so many to choose from.
The cake decorator had her own choice.
From the classic to the funny.
We ended up with two cake topper.

This gift shared with another.
To give them the perfect cake.
The final touch of red peonies.
The two topper dignified and merry.

Your wedding day yours to treasure.
Your first kiss as husband and wife.
A day of many first to start marriage.
Cutting the Wedding Cake as newlyweds.

By C.E. Pereira

Congratulations to Sharyl and Adam on their wedding day, 9th of January 2016. Thank you for letting us share in this joyful day. God bless you both on this day with a lifetime of shared love and joy.


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