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A Simple Sunny day


The sunshine was extra bright.
Only a few clouds dotted the sky.
A slight breeze stirring the air.
A day meant for picnics and kites.

Flowers in bloom, colours vibrant.
Sunbeams dancing, sunlight sparkle.
A pair of sunglasses cannot block.
The brightness of this sunny day.

But not for me, I felt the heat.
I was indoors and yet I was hot.
Sweat trickling down my back.
The fan at full blast, still hot.

I cringe to go outdoors.
My skin has become sensitive.
I feel the sun’s rays burning.
Like lasers, heat penetrating.

As I get older, I dread the sun.
Me, who used to enjoy the outdoors.
I’m now finding excuses to stay indoors.
What was once fun, now is agony.

It could be the air-conditioning.
From only the workplace being cool.
My bedrooms are now fitted to cool.
Should I air-condition the whole house?

My deck chair in the shaded area.
Cool and comfort I enjoyed.
A shift making sunbeams seep in.
My deck chair now in direct sunlight.

Some say the Earth has tilted,
causing changes in the climate.
I have noticed the angle of change.
Once shaded now filled with sunlight.

By C.E. Pereira