As 2015 fades into history, hello 2016

Twilight and Shadow: Trying to get my cats to look fabulous but not quite succeeding.

Like an old dear friend leaving on a long voyage I bid farewell to 2015.

My memories during 2015 will be stored with the rest of past years of my life.

Only I can replay events just like those old movie reruns. But where millions of viewers love old movies, my reruns will only be watched and enjoyed my me alone.

I don’t make any new year’s resolutions for I could never keep any that I made.

As the last few hours tick away into history, let’s say hello to 2016.

I wish all of you a Happy New Year. May God bless you with love, hope, charity and peace in your hearts always.

C.E. Pereira


3 thoughts on “As 2015 fades into history, hello 2016”

  1. Hope you had a Christmas filled with love and peace among family and friends. And may the New Year bring you blessings from above the whole year long.


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