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Dec 19: For peace is but a dream


Peace and friendship with all mankind is our wisest policy, and I wish we may be permitted to pursue it. – Thomas Jefferson

I am listening. What is God’s message? Yahweh’s message is peace for his people, for his faithful, if only they renounce their folly. – Psalms 85:8

Uncertainty sits on me.
The door is opened wide.
I can leave anytime.
I don’t, I am safe inside.

The world beyond the door is blurred.
It is unknown, yet with choices.
I can step out, take chances offered.
I dare not, you did not let me.

Within me there is unrest.
For fear of making mistakes.
Because I was not allowed.
Now I am afraid to step out.

There must be millions like me.
Fear ruling their decisions.
Afraid to voice out wrongdoings.
Rather we compromise instead peace.

There is an internal fight.
Frustration builds up each day.
Decisions are at conflict daily.
For peace is but a dream.

Please continue to share with friends, for the World needs our prayers.
Peace be with you. Amen.

By C.E. Pereira



I'm a Eurasian of Portuguese, English, Scottish and Malay heritage. And my extended family are of Chinese and Indian heritage. In recent years, the younger generation have added on to include spouses from the Philippines, Nigeria and Russia. My world is made up of different colours like the rainbow. And like the rainbow I am unique. Reading is my form of relaxation, to escape from the drudgery of daily life and enter into a world of the imagination. It is the love of reading that has led me to try my hand in writing short stories and poems. I hope that in some way my stories and poems will take you for a little while away from the drudgery of the present into the pages of imagination. To new friends found, I bid you, Welcome. Sincerely, C.E. Pereira

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