Terror of the Terrorist


They wore mask like cowards.
Armed with guns, their intent clear.
Into the crowd they fired randomly.
Victims fell, bleeding out to die.

Terror is fear at its highest.
The gripping hold of being terrified.
In the clutches of impending dread.
Terror is paralysing fear.

Is one born a terrorist?
A toddler taught to become one.
Or does one choose to be a terrorist?
Motivated by religious fervor, politics.

Strapped with explosives.
They are ready to die.
Trigger happy to kill, kill, kill.
Leaving behind the carnage of destruction.

In the midst of terror.
We encounter terrorism.
The terrorist spreads terror.
The bogeyman has awaken.

(In solidarity with all families who have lost loved ones to acts of  terrorism.)

By C.E. Pereira


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