To have a sense of humour


Humour is dead.
This is not funny.
Laughter has ceased.
What was the Joke?

Hilarious, you laugh.
Slapstick, you laugh.
Satire, you laugh.
Comic, you laugh.

Those who laugh at themselves,
see the humour.
Those who cannot,
have forgotten how to laugh.

To laugh at something funny.
Not to take offense, to see the humour.
If you cannot see the humour,
To refrain to dissect, probe and analyse.

Just the mention of Bob Hope,
and laughter bubbles out spontaneously.
The era of laughing without fear,
of getting the punch-line, has it died?

A multiracial people in distress.
One race telling jokes about another,
is dissected, probe and analysed.
Such jokes have become taboo.

A land of different religions and culture,
where once laughter was heard often.
How silent we have become.
Mute, for jokes can be offensive.

This age of being politically correct.
So as not to offend any particular group.
Weren’t you thought to mind your “Ps and Qs”.
What do you say, is humour dead?

By C.E. Pereira


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