What is believing?


A miracle has surfaced.
The statue of Mary is crying.
Thousands flock towards it.
Why this pull towards miracles?

Apparitions that foretells warnings.
The faithful kneel in prayer.
If you have not been to any sightings,
would you too kneel and pray?

What is genuine, what’s not?
Evil too can create the illusion of miracles.
The veil of evil can tempt the unguarded.
How to prevent falling into this trap?

Does the Church act like the doubting Thomas?
Always a need to prove that moral certainty.
The need to always investigate its genuineness.
Only then will the Church certify the claim.

The Lord says, “Blessed are those
who have not seen and have believed”.
Would you let your heart or mind decide?
In faith believe or wait for the Church findings?

By C.E. Pereira


4 thoughts on “What is believing?”

  1. Interesting questions. I believe each day is a miracle and anything is possible. I wasn’t brought up in a religious family, but with a strong emphasis on kindness and good works. It’s served me well. I figure if there’s a god, he/she/it will be okay with that. πŸ™‚

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