Strangers first before friends


I meet a stranger; we smile.
Hello, says this unknown one.
I return a polite greeting.
We smile; making small talk.

I had two choices at the time.
Say good-day and walk away.
But I did not say such a thing.
Instead I exchanged names.

In that moment a friend instead.
No longer the stranger a moment ago.
Life’s path are filled with choices.
One I made to call you friend.

An encounter by chance; two strangers.
Our paths crossed on opposite sides.
We could have gone on without stopping.
What made you stop; what made me look?

Life is full of chance encounters.
Grab your chances with both hands.
It could be the best thing that happens.
If not, a mistake made; a lesson learnt.

We were total strangers.
I see you now and I cannot imagine.
My life without you is a blank canvas.
What made you look; what made me stop?

By C.E. Pereira


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