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No one should die alone


Have you opened your home to someone in need?
Even with reservation you went ahead.
The heart tells you it’s the right thing.
But the mind tells you otherwise.

You may grumble at the situation.
For this person is testing your patience.
You take deep breaths to calm down.
Remembering the dire straits of said person.

It is sour bile for this person.
For not liking you, even now.
But needing the help offered.
Each day is hard for both.

Such a need is not questionable.
For doctors have stopped treatment.
You cannot turn away someone ill.
What more with a verdict of death.

You try to do what’s right.
But a part of you seeks to be appreciated.
Just to hear a thank-you.
Does it make you a lesser person?

Is there a constant fear in their heart?
With each passing day, death is nearer.
You cannot claim to understand.
For you have not walked in their shoes.

A nursing home awaits as the end reaches.
Sounds cold and heartless but necessary.
When it’s time to go who will be there?
For you know; no one should die alone.

Can you be generous, even forgiving?
Or does this sounds hypocritical?
You are neither, in the broader context.
Sometimes doing the right thing is all it takes.

By C.E. Pereira