My heart is hurting


Even though this was written a long time ago, I still see fragments of left over memories. Like wisp of cobwebs they fade away quickly; my heart with time has healed.

I want to run and hide
But there’s no place
My heart is hurt and wounded
I try to heal it but I cannot.

I am close to tears
I don’t want you to see me breakdown
I put up a brave front
To hide the hurt inside of me.

Time seem to drag when I’m alone
A minute seems like an hour
But whenever I’m with you
Where have the years gone.

Whom am I kidding
I cannot even hide from myself
I’m unsure of everything
Even of your love for me.

I don’t deserve you
I too have hurt you so many times
Can I stop all these hurts?
So heavy that I cry on the inside.

I want to ask you, hold me
Just hold me without questions
I need the warmth of your arms
The warmth of your love.

Hug me tightly, don’t let me go
My heart is flowing with tears
Tears to wash away the hurt; the pain
Stop my heart from hurting.

By C.E. Pereira
(10-3-1989 – Rewritten: 27/9/2015)


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