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Not Now


This was written earlier then “Letting go”. Here, as you will read…. I was not ready to let go. I apologize for the mixed-up 🙂

I hear your voice in the night
I hear your voice in the morning
Why have you called me?
Leave me alone.

Don’t disturb me
Or ask me to make decisions
I hate it when I have to make a choice
Leave me alone.

Why do you whisper in my ear?
Why do you call me softly?
Can you not see I’m trying to do something else?
Leave me alone.

I try to run fast but you’re faster
I feel breathless and unsettled
But you still pursue me
I’m tired and I want to rest
Leave me alone.

I’m scared to answer you
I’m not ready to let go
Can you not let me be?
Leave me alone.

I feel your gentleness
You care for me and will never hurt me
And yet, I say “Leave me alone”.
Not now!!!

By C.E. Pereira
(7-1-1988 – Rewritten 27-9-2015)