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I tweaked this poem a bit, rewrote certain parts. The road we travel keep changing, sometimes we grow and sometimes we are stuck in a rut. But one constant remains firm – God is with us.

I want to lay down my head and cry
But the tears don’t seem to come
My eyes are so dry and my heart heavy
With no one to turn to for comfort

I so much want to ask but I don’t know how
I need someone to listen but I’m afraid to ask
He is listening but I can’t hear His answer
Please help me, my heart is crying

I’m afraid to disturb a friend
To ask someone to listen to me
I’m afraid they might be too busy
Because then I’ll know I’m really all alone

Why must feelings like these disturb me so often
Why must I feel depressed or sad and insecure
Life always has its ups and downs
You cannot always be happy and carefree

Even at times when I’m down,
I will make the effort to pick myself up
I will overcome the obstacles in my path
For He wants me to live Life to the fullest

My plea to You, I need a friend
Someone to journey with me
To share the burdens and sadness
To be a light when darkness over-takes.

By C.E. Pereira
(February 1987 – Rewritten: 26/9/2015)