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The gentle whisper — a call to destiny


Do you hear your name whispered in the breeze
The gentle call that caress your cheek
Or the strong pull that demands an answer
The winds of change that awaits all of us

How can you ignore destiny?
It will neither leave you alone nor wait forever
Don’t prolong what you must decide
Answer the call, it is only a whisper

What is my destiny, you ask?
Listen to the wind, feel how it caress you
It talks to you very quietly and gently
Can your heart and soul hear it?

Don’t wait for the storm to hit you
Strong winds and lightning always bring fear
When anger comes it distorts your thoughts
It clouds your vision with despair

Have faith, the sun will shine again
The wind will calm down to a gentle breeze
It will beckon you to make your decision
A gentle whisper, a call to destiny!

C.E. Pereira