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Can you visualize the CPU falling?


Some days I want to throw my computer out the window.
I imagine it falling seven floors down.
It shatters, my eyes open in surprise.
My computer screen stares back mockingly.

Day-time dreams are said to waste one’s time.
I say differently, it helps relieve stress.
For I am in this position at the present.
Software and stubborn users the bane of my stress.

I have talked myself blue with the programmers
They seem to misunderstand everything said
Like the chicken and the duck, nothing understood
Testing so  smooth, actual work a nightmare.

If programmers and users cannot understand each other
What more, two different software, supposed to “talk” to each other
Then there are two sets of users, the first messing input data
While the second cleaning up the mess.

Who would you blame, my dear reader?
With each change of software and hardware
We are promised state-of-the-art technology
But we end up with garbage in and garbage out.

I am angry with the system
Script written has loopholes
Crucial data not made mandatory
Making users opt out the easy way.

Why does User A have it easy?
Making User B the scapegoat
Programmers and software that don’t “talk”
What comes to mind – walking papers; take a walk; etc…

Since it is not my decision to make
We are stuck with this so called state-of-the-art software
As I am cleaning the mess from User A
I day-dream throwing the *CPU out the window.


By C.E. Pereira