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Asleep? No, Awake


I am sleep deprived this morning
The night has left me tired and restless
My brain is lacked of oxygen
I keep yawning while my eyelids feel heavy.

My fingers hover over the keyboard
but nothing happens, I have fallen asleep
My eyes fly open, how embarrassing
Had someone seen me nodding off?

What is that scribble on paper?
My writing has turned into gibberish
Now, this is embarrassing
Sigh. I have to rewrite the whole page.

I can feel my eyelids heavy with sleep
they are closing on their own
I am but trying to stay awake
A losing battle I am fighting it seems.

Where does my body travel when I am asleep?
For when I awake at dawn I am tired.
Are my adventures within my dream catcher?
I will never know for morning brings nothingness.

I have no memory of dreams, just cobwebs fading at dawn
Morning comes and tiredness dodge me again
At the edges of sleep the images are blurring, fading
Is there such a thing as out-of-body experience?

I welcome sleep this night in thankfulness
drifting off into my dream-scape immediately
A day being groggy is bad enough, a week is torture
Will tonight be different, keep me dreamless.

By C.E. Pereira