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Mundane chores


Doing mundane chores are helpful
It frees the mind to think
Just like being on auto-pilot
Your hands busy, the mind active.

Painting the walls is hard work
Each brush stroke coordinated
The eyes and hands in union
The mind wanders without mishap.

Mopping the floors is boring
You mop from left to right
Ideas popping into the mind
Such chores enables creativity.

Not many use these time to think
They moan and groan aloud
And gripe about their problems
Not letting their mind bloom.

Be it weeding or pruning
folding clothes or sweeping the house
washing the car or the porch
mundane chores frees the mind.

Office work can be mundane also.
Boring and repeated work
Day in day out, same procedure.
Encourage the mind to think.

The fingers busy typing
The eyes darting across the alphabets
Mundane work in process
Is the mind on a creative journey?

Any task done repeatedly is mundane
Whether you are a kid or teenager,
an adult, man or woman,
take mundane chores as a blessing.

The mind at its best
plotting and planning
visualizing designs, free to fly
It’s just mundane chores being done.

By C.E. Pereira