The wind blows, let’s sail


It tickles my skin.
A caress, warm.
Ruffles my hair.
Tenderness felt, soft.

Branches sway.
Leaves rustle.
Soft and loud.
A symphony of nature.

Sea breeze, land breeze.
Power of the wind.
Sails of Windmills turn.
Don Quixote battles them.

Gentle wind, high winds.
A storm, a gale.
Typhoons and hurricanes.
In the eye of the wind.

The sea rages.
Waves high as mountains.
The howl of the wind.
Poseidon holds his trident.

Rainstorms and the rivers.
Autumn leaves fall.
Colours of the wind,
the story of Pocahontas.

The wind blows, unseen.
But you know it’s there.
As gentle or as frightening,
the wind always in motion.

By C.E. Pereira


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