To keep secret


We have secrets.
Hidden away, in dark places.
Awake, asleep – it weighs us down.
Afraid to confess.

No one is without secrets.
Lies told, lies invented.
We hide a mistake,
it becomes our secret.

A young man in college,
takes a short-cut,
to cheat, becoming a cheat.
A reason for a secret.

Having an abortion,
a baby up for adoption,
parents hush their daughters,
into burying these secrets.

Such burdens on our shoulders.
The stress that follows us.
Our secrets we protect fiercely,
Another we want to let out.

We itch to tell their secrets.
To out the homosexual,
to condemn the unwed mother,
We have this double standard.

Throw the first stone,
let’s judge, let’s point the finger.
Secrets confessed, ruined lives.
Is this why secrets are locked away?

Change this, don’t judge.
Second chance, a grace needed.
Set yourself free, don’t condemn.
To stop hurting, to stop the hurt.

The heart and soul in distress,
the burden of having secrets.
The touch of healing within reach,
to confess, to forgive, to be forgiven.

By C.E. Pereira


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