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Are they cousins or not?


She adored her big cousins.
Anything they said she drank in.
In her eyes they could do not wrong.
That was until one day …

The day her Nanny died,
something hurtful was said,
making her feel unwanted,
her heart breaking the first time.

Amid the chatter and noise,
the word step-siblings emerged.
Her Dad was not their uncle,
He was just a step-brother.

How could they say such a thing?
They all came from the same Nanny.
Even though from different grandfathers,
they were still related on the family tree.

Till today her cousins would say,
their uncles and aunties were
from one grandfather.
From the other, not included.

She has since that day,
stop adoring her cousins.
she has since that day,
refrained calling them “my cousins”

By C.E. Pereira