On borrowed time

If, today you were told,
To take one day at a time.
You may not wake up tomorrow,
Will you view sleep with dread?

We don’t see death as a threat.
We plan for our future confidently.
As Death awaits our end to come,
If lucky, we meet death unknowingly.

We thrive on sensational news.
The more morbid, the more read.
Until we become the front page,
Our obituary signed by death.

Enter John. A strong, healthy guy.
A good wife and three children.
A day comes, a by-pass needed.
One more by-pass, a heart too weak.

John’s heart was beyond mending.
Waking up tomorrow was a gift.
He prepared each night a silent goodbye,
For he might not see the morning dew.

I never asked him about his fears.
If he had fears, did anyone know?
Each day given, another memory gained.
He took each day without regret.

Never planning for tomorrow.
A hope to wake up each sunrise.
He was blessed with two years of tomorrows.
Until Death called him yesterday.

By C.E. Pereira
(In memory of Vivien Francis D’Netto – 2ndJune 2015)


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