The garden


Planting, caring for the potted plants
birds and insects pollinate the pots
I get to enjoy these rewards
pollination in its finest.

The smell of fresh soil
a mixture of dirt in my hands
a calm settles through my body
as I dig the earth to plant.

Day after day of such delight
The garden a spring of colours
somehow a change came to rest
and the garden turned to grey.

My world tilting,
I try to bring back balance
but I don’t seem to get anywhere
like a bouncy ball in all direction.

I looked at the obvious….the garden.
stuck in time, stuck in a rut.
watering the plants daily
but life slowly disappearing.

Is it me not wanting changes
colours and shapes stunted
the garden a decreasing wonder,
where has beauty gone?

It was time, I pulled up the shrubs,
decaying, an easy task to uproot.
Wanting something unique, a picket fence,
I covered earth with white pebbles.

Such a contrast, a vibrant red mushroom,
green leaves and yellow flowers against white,
I feel my world back on its axles
The garden in full bloom.

By C.E. Pereira


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