Stranger who left a mark


There are some persons you never forget.
You may meet them only once in your life.
Yet they remain with you, never fading.
When they die, memory awakens.

I knew one such person a few decades gone.
On holiday, we met through friends.
For the few days spent in mutual company,
I have never forgotten this person.

With a straight face, pointing to a Manor,
saying this is the local asylum, the nut house.
Driving through the gates, I was apprehensive,
turns out to be his home where lunch awaited.

Such a simple guy, such a gentleman,
the English hospitality extended to me a foreigner.
Today, news of his death reaches me,
decades fade, and I remember his face.

By C.E. Pereira
(Rest in peace Simon Drury-Lowe)


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