“C” for …


 I sat down at my desk this morning,
the letter “C” came to mind.
It is the first letter of my name,
one which is my favourite.

Confident, Courage, Caring, Competent,
Constant, Considerate, Comforter, Candid,
Capable, Careful, Carefree, Cautious,
Certitude, Charming, Charitable, Cheery,

I have these characters in me.
Positive traits that define me.
Do others see the same in me
Are they real or not?

Caustic, Complacent, Cranky,
I will not talk about these.
For today I will focus on,
the positive traits, I confirm.

Days of carefree, my childhood,
as charming and cheery as I remembered.
Candid shots I will cherish always.
In my twilight years, to comfort.

With confidence and certitude, I have courage.
Cautious and careful, but capable and competent.
A caring nature, charitable and considerate.
I am constant in all I do.

By C.E. Pereira


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