I too am guilty of gossip


You do not believe me,
when I tell you the truth.
It gets harder to point out errors,
as you have stop listening.

There will come a day,
I will stop telling you the truth.
Silence will be my armour,
a cloak to shield my hurt.

Someone is blemishing my name,
a two-faced, unknown nightmare.
Is this a foe I know not of,
or someone I call a friend?

I am being given the cold shoulder,
And I do not know why.
I seek your support but you tell me,
stop imagining such nonsense.

Am I being negative in my outlook?
Do I see problems in everything I touch?
Does this negative feeling depress others?
I am caught in this web that only tightens.

Just little things at first,
like being left out of a group.
More and more incidents follows,
slowly but surely I am being snubbed.

I cry not because I am weak,
I cry because I am tired of being strong,
my tears are streams of sadness,
won’t someone tell me their reason.

How could friendships go so terribly wrong?
The tongue a double-edged sword,
I cannot judge these friends,
as I too am guilty of gossip.

By C.E. Pereira


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