The Majestic Raintree


From the bedroom window is seen
the majestic raintree
a haven, a shelter, to all creatures.
come rain or shine, a constant.

The child looks up in awe
at branches spread wide and high
the rustle of leaves in the wind
sunlight streaming through and dancing.

Gigantic roots exposed above
make great hiding places to play.
A child small enough to crawl through,
or climb these enormous roots.

The raintree a century old,
stands tall and strong.
withstanding the test of storms
bending in the wind, never breaking.

Friendly in daylight,
a sinister form at night.
branches and leaves becomes ghouls
eerily casting shadows.

The child awakes in fright
the howl of the wind at night
cowering under the blanket,
waiting for the sun to rise.

A marvel this sight to see,
daily from the bedroom window,
this strong tree full of life,
a home to all creatures.

By C.E. Pereira

(Note: Do read my short story on “The raintree – Where childhood is remembered“)


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