Through the eyes of a child


A soft breeze, blue skies.
The little boy lies on his back,
too hot a day to be playing.
With drowsy eyes he looks up.

It was in another world,
where I had time to dream.
It was in another time,
where I could laze the day away.

To be that young again
and spend the afternoon dozing.
To feel the grass beneath my back
and the sun’s warmth on my face.

No worries of deadlines.
Or what to cook for the day.
Not to feel guilty for being lazy.
To be in that moment and enjoy.

I had many of those lazy days.
And days full of playing.
Fun was wading in the stream.
Climbing trees was an adventure.

To chase dragonflies and butterflies.
Laughter bubbling out without abandonment.
Such carefree a child has,
My weary heart flutters with hope.

By C.E. Pereira


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