Craving wealth


They fell in love,
married and had kids.
For some love isn’t enough.
Happiness measured in wealth.

Each day brings disappointments.
As age increases, wanting fester.
Fear replaces a loving heart.
Money the reason of arguments.

His love could not fill
the craving for wealth.
His love pushed aside
for someone with wealth.

She broke his heart
and walked away.
Her children left behind.
She chose wealth over love.

A broken man trying to understand.
His wife’s lust for wealth.
How does he explain to his kids,
their mother’s choice.

A family torn in pieces.
Love ripped away without care.
Eyes blinded with luxury items.
The serpent’s tempting, a trap.

Letting envy into the heart
makes the serpent’s trap complete.
Temptation spreads like wildfire.
The light disappears, love is snuffed out.

By C.E. Pereira


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