You are a Joy


The first time I held you
you fitted in the crook of my arms
This tiny bundle so precious
May your life be filled with love.

To me you are a blessing from God
A chance given to me
By my friends – your parents
To have a place in your life.

I watched you grow
This little kid full of creativity
Always ready to try something new
Giving your best in all you do.

It feels like only yesterday
I asked to be your Godmother
I was at your Baptism
Then your First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Time goes so fast if you blink your eyes
Memories of tae-kwon-do and Santa costumes contest
Of you learning the piano and mastering it
Of sports day and exam results.

You’ve grown into this beautiful young woman
Smart and sexy, caring and thoughtful
Turning twenty-one gives you a new freedom
A new chapter in life starts for you.

A journey that continues
Where your path takes you, be not afraid
Live LIFE today, don’t worry about tomorrow
For God is always with you.

(I wrote this for my God-daughter Sharon when she celebrated her 21st Birthday in 2008. Today I am publishing it on my website.)

By C.E. Pereira


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