Christmas each year

Many, many Christmas have come and gone.
Each year Christmas is never the same.
I’ve felt joy and peace during Christmas.
As also the sadness and tears during Christmas.

The magic of wonder and believe until age six.
Of the Christmas story heard come alive.
Excitement that Father Christmas will bring gifts.
When morning came, of gifts under the Christmas tree.

Anger at the person who shattered the magic.
There are thousands of men dressed in red suits.
At stores, Christmas gifts are bought.
Father Christmas doesn’t bring the gifts.

As years pass, the magic of Christmas returns.
The story of the baby Jesus, I understand.
Anticipation of the coming Messiah.
Believing that Christ will come again.

Sadness has touched me at Christmas too.
Death brings tears, the heart is crying.
Christmas hymns, hope still flickers.
But sadness drowns me, God is missing.

Each Christmas so different from the last.
I thank God for joyous and peaceful ones.
For the Christmas when my heart is sad,
I will still thank God for His gift – Jesus.

By C.E. Pereira


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